The WISEGRC is an innovative product that enables rapid deployment for business performance monitoring in the SAP environment.

Developed under the NAMESPACE \\WISEGRC it´s a solution hosted in SAP HANA® Cloud Platform (HCP) and is Certified by SAP as a SAP HCP Extend SAP On-Premise Solutions Extension.

With the ability to combine multiple data sources simultaneously and in real time, extends to the managers the capability to analyze information in order to predict critical business events.

To managers who are always seeking for more visibility into what is happening in business processes right NOW, and also seeking for cost reduction points and interactivity within its employees and suppliers, this tool will allow them to obtain, in real-time, automatically and hierarchical alerts regarding critical deviations in the business, in a preventive and proactive manner.




Companies have a huge amount of data, constantly flowing into its transactional systems and a variety of channels, including sensors, IOT and web tracking, with the data stored in several information sources. However, knowing when and how to get engaged with a shift in the business deviation perspective requires a deep level of knowledge about the magnitude of the problem and easy access to analyze the information in real time; WISEGRC can maximize this management potential without the need of a data warehouse.



Through collaborative alerts, we can change the perspective of receiving information from opinions and guessing to accurate data associated with the people and processes involved. Through pattern recognition and data classification, the manager can track the performance of the working methods and business processes; we can obtain immediate and relevant data which could have possible impact on final results, improving the ability to deal with the problems identified.


Risk Management

Enhance and support the analysis and risk mapping requires numerous variables associated with uncertainty; reducing rework and duplication of controls and maximizing the use of resources and professionals are increasingly constant needs in the enterprises. Through predictive analytics and optimization of automatic intelligent alerts we can leverage the risk reduction capacity and increase the efficiency of prevention.



Visibility on what is going on NOW in the business performance, in real time, requires a flexible tool to link numerous channels of information, data volume, multi-technology combined to processing speed; WISEGRC offers this flexibility, providing real-time information on the performance of the business, without the need for a data warehouse, improving decision making, linking information in the SAP modules with external data such as BIG DATA, spreadsheets, IOT, txt, others ERP's, digital channels, among others.


Customer´s SAP environment assessment; at this stage WISEGRC´s team will make the environment setup, which consists of setting up WISEGRC´s environment and initial survey of the business scenarios.

During the Customer´s environment setup settings it would be necessary to configure the access to WISEGRC on HANA® Cloud Platform. Also in this stage will be identified business scenarios that present problems and or are appointed by business area as a priority for active real-time monitoring.

Compilation of business rules; it will occur based on the initial assessment of the project, where Alerts and Dashboards will be customized in WISEGRC´s application.

An organization that systematically measures its performance can accomplish interventions quickly, as process fluctuations occurs, improving the managing of the efforts of its employees to the critical success factors, dealing with the timing of the day by day challenging to achieve their goals.

Approval of business scenarios after the customization of business rules; the client will review and approve the results of the configured Alerts working closely with WISEGRC´s team.

The approval stage is the validation of the results of the monitoring of business rules, linked to the effectiveness of responses obtained in real time via collaborative and hierarchical Alerts.

Production - Implementation and monitoring of business scenarios, after the approval stage.

The production stage will be supervised by WISEGRC´s team to ensure the maturity of monitoring rules, associated with employees and processes, and defined to monitor the most critical business scenarios.